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♦ Bob Metcalfe, VP Operations,  dies suddenly at 68.

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What Others Say

The Crowe Valley Conservation Authority and its staff have had a strong business relationship with Shaman Power Ltd. for a number of years. From the moment the business interactions began between the two entities a bond emerged showing a shining example of how the private and public sector can and do work well together.

Shaman Power has been committed to building on that relationship and supporting the CVCA with its targets and goals to effectively manage the water resource so precious to the local community, the partners, the broader public and the environment by supplying a clean renewable energy resource. CVCA General Manager Tim Pidduck, states that “Shaman Power and its owners/operators have been and continue to be devoted to the Marmora Hydro Facility. They are a professional, dedicated organization with strong values and I’m glad to be partnered with a great team. On behalf of the CVCA’s Board of Directors and staff, I can enthusiastically say we are looking forward to working with Shaman Power in the future!”