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♦ Bob Metcalfe, VP Operations,  dies suddenly at 68.

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Shaman Power Corporation was incorporated in 1995 with the objective of developing and operating environmentally sound projects in an economic manner. We own and operate hydro electric stations of 1.0 MW at Marmora, Ontario, on the Crowe River and 2.6 MW at Fenelon Falls on the Otonabee River. The projects have long term energy sale agreements with the Province of Ontario. Both projects are in south central Ontario, Canada.

The company was the lead developer of a new 8 MW project on the Otonabee River in Peterborough until it sold its 27.5% interest in the project just after the close of the 2009 fiscal year to Gemini Power. Shaman continues to seek new development opportunities. In recent years its focus has been in the province of Ontario but it has looked in other jurisdictions in North Eastern US and Eastern provinces.

Total assets of Shaman are $5.2 million and generating capacity is 3.6 MW. Gross revenue in fiscal 2014 was $880 thousand, a relatively good year despite the prolonged outage at Fenelon Falls GS.. The number of issued common shares remained at 7,433 thousand, a decrease of about 1.5% percent from 2012 when Gemini Power Corp. was one of Shaman's major shareholders.

On November 15th 2014, Shaman paid off its long-term debt and its sole indebtedness is that incurred for the new Elora project.

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